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Whether you operate in a big or small office, you must speak to your insurance agent about the most appropriate office insurance policy. Picture the following scenarios:

  • What would happen if a worker or client got injured on your premises?
  • What would happen if your products caused physical or financial damage?
  • What would happen if your office building caught fire, flood, or earthquake and everything in it got damaged or destroyed?

Your business needs office insurance coverage just like you need home insurance, health care insurance, and car insurance. After all, your company pays the bills.

<b>What is Office Insurance?</b>

What is Office Insurance?

An office insurance policy protects you from unforeseen issues that could negatively affect your business operations. It protects business owners and their employees from risks associated with injury, business interruptions, and much more. You probably have car insurance, a life insurance policy, and home insurance. Think of an office insurance policy in the same way.

An office insurance policy protects as well as defends your business operations. It allows you to bounce back to business efficiently after a disaster, accident, or liability lawsuit. In many states, the law requires companies to have an office insurance cover.

What Does Office Insurance Cover?

Every office is different, which means that there's no one-size-fits-all office insurance policy available. Depending on the nature of your office, an office space insurance policy can cover commercial liability, personal property, company vehicles as well as equipment, and much more. Some packages are customizable to cater to unique businesses, and this is where a licensed insurance broker comes in.

In general, there are several types of office insurance covers which include:

General Liability Insurance

Also known as Commercial General Liability, this office insurance coverage is the most basic and a must-have by law requirements if you own a business. It covers;

  • Expenses for bodily injury and personal injury claims against your organization
  • Costs for property damage claims against your organization
  • Administrative fees for managing covered claims
  • Court expenses and settlements for covered claims

Workers' Compensation Insurance

Workers' compensation, also called workers comp, covers any illnesses and injuries incurred at your office. This policy pays for medical treatment costs, replacing lost wages and rehabilitation. Most states require offices with at least one employee to have a workers' compensation insurance policy. Your insurance provider protects your employees from any on-the-job illness or injury by paying for any losses incurred as a result.

Business Owners Property Policy

The Business Owners Property Policy covers office and storefront property damage and losses due to natural disasters, fire, vandalism explosions, burst pipes, theft, and vandalism.

Commercial Auto

Commercial auto insurance covers damage to your organization's vehicles and other automobiles. It includes collision coverage for trailers, cars, motorbikes, delivery trucks, or other business vehicles.

Omissions Liability Policy

This policy covers errors, negligence, misrepresentation, inaccurate advice, violation of good faith, and fair dealing. Depending on the policy's terms, an omissions liability insurance policy may also cover privacy violations that can threaten your organization.

<b>Who should carry office insurance?</b>

Who should carry office insurance?

Office Insurance Coverage is vital for all companies, large or small. Do not miss out on necessary insurance coverage that can mean all the difference to whether your business survives day-to-day operational challenges or not.

Speak to an insurance agent to manage the insurance cost and find an office renters insurance plan that works with your specifications.

<b>Why Noble Insurance Agency</b>

Why Noble Insurance Agency

At Noble Insurance Agency, we provide Business Liability Insurance, Commercial Auto Insurance and Cyber Liability Insurance, and many more customizable office insurance packages to help your business run smoothly.

Noble Insurance Agency offers quality insurance packages with over 100 years of experience in personal and commercial insurance. Our services include home, auto, and business office insurance in Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri.

We can work with you to design a customized insurance package according to your budget, property, casualty, and liability needs. Our insurance agents are adept at identifying any risk factors that may lead to higher office insurance premiums. They provide options that will reduce or manage your risk, to help you protect your employees, customers, property, and yourself.

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